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Tony has constructed several small high tunnels for growing vegetables.  Although some of the produce grown on our farm are more suited to growing in an open field location, many of the vegetables that he enjoys growing most are raised in the high tunnels.  The experience of growing in high tunnels means less weed pressure, less pest and disease problems, and less water usage resulting in cleaner produce and convenience of harvesting.  Tony enjoys the farming in high tunnels and extends his growing season by this method.


In the Spring season, Alethia gives "Honeybees and Pollination" presentation to school children at the Jeffers Bend Environmental Education Center in Hopkinsville.  It is an opportunity to share her passion for honeybees and how everyone has a part to play in contributing to making our environment bee-friendly.

A pollinator sanctuary perennial garden is in the works at the farm.


In addition to the "Honeybees and Pollination" presentation, Alethia has developed a presentation to inform audiences such as Homemaker groups, Garden clubs, Christian womens groups, etc. about the benefits and uses of honey, bee pollen and propolis.

The Prettymans do not harvest or sell royal jelly or royal jelly products.  Common methods for harvesting royal jelly impair the productivity and health of the beehives.


Tony and Alethia are members of Pennyrile Beekeepers Association and Kentucky State Beekeepers Association.  A contact list for contacting a beekeeper for swarm collection/removal is available through either association.

The Prettymans now focus on collecting swarms by setting bait hives in trees in the surrounding counties in the early spring.  Spring season can be as early as late March-early April through June.  Occasionally honeybees will swarm later in the summer or early fall under certain circumstances.

Swarm removal from structures is another aspect of swarm collecting.  There are beekeepers in the local area on the association contact list that have an interest in removal from structures.

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