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About Us

"Bramble & Bee Farm has the best tasting honey in the area."

Established in 1998 by Tony and Alethia Prettyman beginning with three beehives and a dream.  Bramble & Bee Farm is committed to organic/sustainable farming practices to manage honeybees, producing honey, bee products and fresh produce and value-added products.  Tony and Alethia are dedicated to being stewards to their land and honeybees as a legacy for the future well-being of the local community (Genesis 2:15).  Growing produce through the use of non-GMO seeds/plants, abstaining from use of synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides.  The Prettymans are charter members of the Pennyrile Beekeepers Association as well as members of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association.  Alethia is a member of Pennyroyal Herb Club and has an interest in herbs, natural remedies and lifestyle practices.  Bramble & Bee Farm has been a "Kentucky Proud" member since 2004.  From 2014 to 2016 the farm held organic certification for produce and herbs.  The Prettymans are members of OAK (Organic Association of Kentucky).  In addition to sales direct at their farm (by appointment), the Prettymans sell their products at the Hopkinsville-Downtown Farmers Market on Wednesdays, 7am to 1pm (late-April through October), various fairs and events (throughout the year), and their honey is available at several local retail locations.

Bramble & Bee Farm


Honey and Beekeeping

We have our hives situated in several locations in the area to maximize nectar production for the honeybees, practicing natural management practices.  We avoid heavy pesticide areas as much is possible, striving for healthy honeybees.  Products:  Raw honey, chunk honey (seasonally), creme honey, bee pollen, propolis tincture, candles, lip balm, salves/lotion, handmade soap, baked goods and pickles made with honey.  Natural ingredients and no petroleum by-products used in our bee products.

Chemical-free Produce

Our vegetables and fruits are grown without synthetic chemicals and with non-GMO open pollinated or select hybrid seeds/plants.  We grow a variety of vegetables and in a few years hope to have tree fruits bearing.  Work is in progress with a few blackberry canes, as well.

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