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"Its about the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees...."

Honeybees are important to our environment as pollinators. There are animals, birds, insects, even humans and the wind involved in pollination. What is pollination?: Simply stated, in the plant kingdom, it is the act of fertilization...merging the male and female parts of flowers for producing seeds to reproduce plants. It that important to us humans? Indeed, yes! Without pollination, our food supply would change drastically. We have all heard that honeybees pollinate 1/3 of the food that we eat. Everyone can contribute to benefiting our environment, even non-beekeepers!

Honeybee on a dandelion. Dandelions are a valuable source of pollen and nectar for honeybees in Spring.

Garden and Landscape

Choosing perennials and native plants that are beneficial to pollinators...

Making wise choices...

How we choose to treat our environment determines the future. What I use on the environment and what impact does that have on the earth now and in the future? Learning alternatives to synthetic chemical pesticides, fungicides and herbicides can be of benefit to ourselves and the environment.

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