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Tony and Alethia Prettyman. We began in 1998 with three beehives in the backyard and with a dream to have our own honey and a little extra to sell to friends and coworkers.  Tony worked in the bees with his father many years ago.  Alethia's grandfather had a few beegums on the farm when he was a young man.  And Alethia has had a strong interest in health, honey, herbs, and nutrition since her teenage years.


To manage our honeybees for honey production, pollination and by-products (chunk honey, creme honey, bee pollen, propolis, beeswax) for their health benefits.  To farm the land as stewards, working to improve soil health, raising produce by organic methods and leave a farm life legacy to our successors and the local community.  Our farming methods are influenced by Neil Kinsey and methods instituted by Dr. William Albrecht, agronomist.


We grow fresh vegetables for our own use and we produce additional to sell at the local downtown Hopkinsville-Christian County Farmers' Market along with our raw honey, bee pollen, beeswax products, home-baked breads, mini honey cakes, and home-canned pickles, relish, jams/jelly.



Early on, the beekeeping operation expanded from a few hives at home and on an acquaintances' farm to pollinating for local market produce farmers that grow cucurbits (squash, melons, pumpkins), berries, and forage crops.  After an exciting fifteen plus years working for as many as 38 local farmers, we have begun to phase out this aspect of our operation due to the pesticide, fungicide, herbicide impact of systemics and GMOs.


One of our side projects is to develop small garden plots around the farm with herbs and perennials that provide nectar and pollen sources for our honeybees and other pollinators.

our farm is located in

Christian County, KY

(near Hopkinsville)


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